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Head of instinct laboratory group, Matt Chadder has unsurpassed international experience in working with the largest brands across the planet in the fields of consumer science, creative design, and marketing strategy.


Matt's core fascination is rooted in understanding what it means to be human - exploring the depths of what our species is, and can be. Matt travels the world watching, listening and learning from companies, consumers and governments alike.


With degrees in industrial design and education, Matt holds education to the highest regard. In addition to regularly speaking at consumer psychology workshops for many of the world’s largest brands, Matt occupies a guest lecturing position at the Fashion Retail Academy in London and also contributes to matters concerning current affairs on the BBC.


As owner and founder of instinct laboratory group, Matt has built one of the world’s leading behavioural sciences networks. Every year, companies across the network study hundreds of thousands of people across the world in order to understand the complex interactions between human beings and their environment, as well as the ways in which decisions are made under conditions of uncertainty.


During this journey, Matt has authored several books and is currently in the final stages of completing his most recent volume in the instinct series, called “the instinctive magnet” - a journey through the subconscious motivations of humans.


During the summer of 2017, the new home of the instinct group of companies will open in Nottingham, England. This is a state of the art building, meticulously designed to nurture talent, drive productivity, and fosters creative thinking.


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